I’d like to thank all the readers, Patreon supporters, and others who made this project work at all. It may have started as “just” a writing challenge for me, but it not only helped hone my writing skills in a very particular way, but also helped me flesh out this science fiction story universe in which Lila Serano and the Sol Council, and all the other players in this story exist, and connect it all up into an elaborate history in which many more stories can and will take place. Some of those stories are already written:

“RapUnsEl”: Covers the ATAPHI League attack on Venus which is mentioned several times in the comics

“The Admiral”: Follows the career of an Admiral in the Sol Council Fleet (called Human Alliance still in some versions of the story, since I wrote it before I developed the history of the Sol Council)

“Off Day”: Gives one perspective on the historical event referred to as “The Exodus” in several notes, but which occurs many years after the events in any of these issues.

These three stories are all in my collection RapUnsEl and Other Stories.

My novel, Zeta Disconnect, covers the time travel adventure of Jonathan Zang, which is referred to in the notes for “Benignant Weapon”.


Some other stories set in the same universe, some more clearly connected than others, of course (and the best place to read some of them) (list current only as of the time of this post in April 2020):

How It Really Went Down“, “The Truth Is“, “Transcript of Call Recorded by Gamma-Ovantia Orbit Guard Station“, and “Let Me Tell You Something” The Scarlet Leaf ReviewApril 2016. 2016: Web.

“Next Year’s Garden” The Flash Fiction Press. June 2016: Web.

“The Coven” Manawaker Studio’s Flash Fiction Podcast. Episode 0129. 2016: Podcast.

The Guardian of the Artifact Vault atop The City” Empyreome Magazine. Weekly Flash feature. 2017: Web.

“Passing in the Night” Speculative 66. Issue 7. 2017: Web.

“Planting Seeds” SciFan Magazine. March 2017: Print.

“The Dream Miner’s Drill” The Quantum Soul: A SciFi Roundtable Anthology. Oct 2017: Print.

“Those Who Favour Fire” Nature Futures. Nov 2017: Web.

“Adrift” Mental Papercuts. Issue 1. May 2019: Print.

And Quietly it Ends” Farther Stars Than These magazine. May 2019: Web.

“The Suited Prince” Three Drops from a Cauldron magazine. Issue 28. Nov 2019: Web.

“The Lone and Level Sands” Visitant. Dec 2019: Web.


I’m also currently working on a multi-path novel (working title: Escape from Spincity XX) set in this universe. You can follow the progress of that project by becoming a Patron of Manawaker Studio on Patreon. It’s also a good place to keep up with my projects in general, and get early looks at lots of things that I have going on.


Again: Thanks for reading. 😉