Note: Despite the seeming cavalierness on display here, the deaths of Jana Krizova and Gertrude Branagh is one of the saddest moments of Severin Hawke’s career, as he describes in a later memoir, with his characteristic frankness: “Across my military career, several hundred soldiers were lost under my command, and over a dozen were killed carrying out my direct orders, but none of those keep me awake at night as much as [the deaths of Krizova and Branaugh]. He was the jolly old man of our little squad, and she was the bubbly comedian; both of them so light-hearted and caring and understanding. And, to lose them in such a senseless way. Their deaths didn’t advance the mission. Their sacrifice didn’t save lives. They were blown to bits by a stupid chance encounter with an old unexploded ordnance. It’s just so stupid.”