Note: Chander Macs spent only a short time in the US armed forces before volunteering for assignment in the UN Peacekeepers, stating on application forms that he feared being a transgender man would limit his ability to advance in the US, while it would not in the UN. It wasn’t long after that he met the older Hawke, and the two became fast friends. They were a solid team, with Macs’ calm demeanor helping to mellow Hawke’s more eager tendencies, and they began to move up through the ranks together. Hawke took Macs with him to each new command, up to and including his command of the 31st company. After the war was over, and Hawke was promoted out of any combat role, Macs led the 31st company, and though they had no notable actions during that time of peace, all evidence shows that he was an able and well-respected leader.