Note: Vivienne Betancourt was the First Vice Marshal of the New World Order, which was the title given to the second in command of the NWO combined armed forces. A Citizen of South Africa, Betancourt began her career as a front-line soldier for the South African National Defense Force. After showing herself to be an exceptional leader and intelligence gatherer, she was moved over to the Defense Intelligence Division from which she eventually worked her way up through to the Corporate Staff, making a name for herself as a shrewd tactician. At the time South Africa was absorbed into the NWO, she was the Minister of Defense and Military Veterans. Technically a civilian position, but one usually granted to a distinguished military leader. In the NWO, she made friends quickly, and was instrumental in managing a smooth transition for South Africa from an independent state to a vassal of the NWO. She was rewarded with the position of First Vice Marshal.