Note: Leonard’s Grandfather was Kyle Frazier, the second officer on board the first colony ship to arrive on Titan, the unironically named Titanic, in 2189. The officer’s families became the first elite of Titan, as they were the first to claim land and begin harvesting the benefits. The sleeper colonists came a few years later. Despite some early tragedy (Kyle’s eldest son, Colin died just a few days after touchdown on the new world) The Fraziers remained a strong, and well-liked, family through the entire history of Titan’s colonies. Kyle’s second son, Bartholomew (Leonard’s father) became one of the most talented vintners on the world – and thus in the Solar System – and the lasting popularity of Frazier Wines is owed mostly to his genius. Kyle’s daughter, Mirabel, was a respected academic, and even served as the Dean of Titan University for a time. She, famously, did not drink alcohol.