Note: Samuel Aristo was the son of pioneers who moved out to Galilean space in one of the earliest waves of colonization. He and his three siblings were raised by a family friend after the deaths of their parents in a mining accident. In fact, the Aristo Rule (an informal rule that prevents couples with children from being assigned to the same section of a mine at the same time) is named for Jim and Hekate Aristo. Samuel and his sister Reyli both went into military service, though Reyli chose to join the SDF, while Samuel went into the Orbit Guard. Samuel served honorably until his capture and death at the hands of an unknown ATAPH League officer. It was ten years after his death when it was discovered that his career was rife with corruption and back-door deals, mostly while under Farrad Lee’s command. Reyli, who had advanced to the admiralty in the SDF was forced to resign her commission in the ensuing controversy, though she had been accused of no wrongdoing.