Note:  A lot of records were destroyed, and the exact sequence of events of The Twenty Second War can only be speculated about, but the best today’s historians can tell, a tactical mistake was made in Sydney (It has been debated if it was sabotage or incompetence. Either seems likely from what we know about the way in which Sydney was absorbed into the NWO and the caliber of the commanders in that region). A quantum bomb was intercepted on its way from Sydney to China, but it was not part of a coordinated strike. If it had been (as some records show it was intended to have been), the NWO might have fared better in the conflict, but as it was, it allowed the UEA to strike back before the NWO could get it’s feet properly under itself, essentially giving the UEA the first strike advantage along with the moral high-ground, which is the primary reason that the NWO was eliminated, while the UEA remained intact, if battered, leaderless, and crumbling. In the end, of course, neither government survived the war’s fallout, and the seat of Human government moved to Luna City, where it remains to this day.