Note: Ivar Ruben grew up in Helsinki, the child of Russian immigrants seeking work as academics in the bustling university district, after the funding for higher education dried up in nearby St. Petersburg. Ivar’s fathers were both scholars of military history, and they found work easily at the University of Helsinki and the Finnish National Museum. The pair adopted Ivar after arriving in Finland, and raised him in a home full to brimming with books on wars and combat throughout all the ages of humanity. Records of correspondence at the time suggest that Ivar’s fathers were disappointed, but supportive, when he chose to devote his life to the UEA military. As a soldier, Ruben distinguished himself as a marksman, and found his way into the UEA special forces, and eventually the elite Dive Marines. How he made his way into the Secret Service after this is either lost, or was never made part of the public record.