Note: The discovery of First Vice Marshal Betancourt in Luna City took place less than 48 hours after the Twenty Second War. This was a hectic time on Luna. There was not frequent transit between the worlds, but they had been in constant communication, and the nation of Luna was only about twenty-five years old, having petitioned for independence from the various nations of earth when Loons began to feel and express an obviously separate identity from that of it’s home world. Some Loons were great grand children of original settlers, and felt little loyalty or connection to the blue marble in the sky, but it was still jarring to literally watch as the cradle of humanity burned and blackened above them. The atmosphere of the Earth was mostly black, quantum ash fallout, and communication was fully blocked. The war may have begun and ended in less than half a minute, but there was no way for Loons to know the extent of the damage caused by the far away conflict for several weeks after the bombs fell.