Note: It’s unclear where the rumor that Mentats are ‘really fun’ in a physically intimate setting originated, but it’s probably the same as the fetishization of any other exotic trait. Not only is there no evidence that Mentats are any better or worse than anyone else at intimate acts, the literature makes no suggestion that the rumor had anything to do with the use of actual acuities. One might understand how a phys-spec mentat, in particular, might be seen as more physically capable in general, and thus also more sexually capable, but that’s not how it was discussed in the circles that spread this kind of fetishization. Merely being a Mentat supposedly imposed some kind of prowess or excitement. Which is, of course, ridiculous. Physiologically speaking, mentats are just like everyone else when not exposed to an acuity field. Even after the “Psychic Node” was discovered in the brainstem, no way was ever found to tell the difference between a person who was sensitive to acuity fields and one who wasn’t without actually exposing them to one.