Note: The Sol Council had agents operating in the Ishtar Plateau long before the Conscription War. Posing as administrative officials for the Council, these agents were reporting back about the goings on of a people who were already distinct from Sol Society, and who almost always had been. They had been living mostly separate lives from the rest of the system ever since the ATaPH league attack that brought down the RapUnsEl space elevator. The Earth Alliance (the major governmental force in Sol at the time) decided not to rebuild, and to – essentially, if not officially – abandon the planeside colony (which was exactly what the ATaPH League wanted). The residents were upset by this decision, of course, as they had spent a good part of their lives making the Ishtar Plateau inhabitable, and in the fall-out from the decision, Venus – the orbital and the surface colony together, represented by Victoria Tannhauser and Samuel Rampion respectively – declared independence from the Earth Alliance, the first territory to do so since its founding, marking the beginning of the end for the government.